May 15, 2017



Software Defined Wide Area Networks or SD WAN is a rapidly adopted technology trend providing cost effective alternatives to MPLS networking solutions. SD WAN technology is an ideal solution for Unified Communications, VoIP and Big Data deployments. Cloud and SAAS Applications including Microsoft Office 365 and can benefit from Software Defined Wide Area Networking.

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  • Review your current Network Architecture to avoid any bottlenecks related to slow Internet connections .
  • Compare SDN vs. MPLS options to reduce total cost of ownership per branch with Network-as-a-Service subscription.
  • Discuss network security and compliance requirements addressed by the latest SDN WAN Platforms to meet PCI compliance mandates for securely transporting payment card information over the WAN.
  • Explain how centralized management and policy-based enforcement enables faster deployment and ease of management of multiple remote sites.
  • Review how inexpensive broadband links including 4G/LTE can perform like secure and high-bandwidth, Enterprise-grade WAN links SyncPoint has the proprietary technology that can help find fiber, quote, and project manage SD WAN opportunities.

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Syncpoint Technology Group holds contracts will nationwide Cloud, contact center, and data and voice providers. We have been helping our clients for years and we would like to offer you a free business audit today. Contact Syncpoint Technology Group if you answer yes to the following network and voice questions:


  1. Are you currently under contract for all your network connectivity?
  2. Are there any current pain points with your existing network?
  3. Will you be adding any new sites?
  4. Are you looking to increase speeds anywhere?
  5. Have you considered adding any cable/dsl/4G in for backup connectivity?
  6. Are you ready to look for faster speeds at your current locations?
  7. Do you have international locations that you are struggling with for connectivity?
  8. Is the equipment in your stack aging or have you considered software defined networking (SDN) to offload some of the management?
  9. Is your network underperforming?


  1. Do you have an older premise based system that is nearing the end of it’s life cycle?
  2. Are you tired of the support contracts on your premise system?
  3. Is it difficult for you to connect users at multiple sites together?
  4. Are you considering a move from premise to hosted?
  5. Are you struggling to get your phone system integrated into your CRM?
  6. Are you using PRIs, but needing help migrating to SIP?
  7. Do you have multiple sites on analog lines that you’d like grouped together under one bill?
  8. Are you long distance bills high?